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  • “L” shaped drawer design takes up less space in the room
  • Rubber grippers on the bottom keep ladders secure and in place; Easily snaps together
  • Hinged back panel for storage access
  • Suitable for pets up to 75 pounds. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS – 37.5L x 14W x 26H inches
  • low step height of 5 inches and deep staircase up to 25.5 inches high; Suitable for small and medium pets only




* Very well made using French faux linen.
* Made for beginners and professionals
* Good protection at the level of an experienced decoy. * The collar can be lifted for advanced neck protection
* The shell is secured with three metal clips on the stem and Velcro to enclose the panels
* The cuffs of the jacket have leather hand guards. This suit is durable and lightweight. Perfect for KPNV competition


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